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A full design and construction service is available for commercial, industrial, agricultural and domestic fencing – including palisade security fencing, gates in galvanized or powder coated steel, welded mesh fencing systems, chain link, feather edge board, larch lap, post and rail fencing, stock proof and rabbit proof fencing, acoustic fencing and barriers, equine and paddock fencing & Heras fencing.

We can provide Security Fencing, Sports Fencing, Domestic Fencing and Agricultural Fencing.

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Panel Fencing

Traditional Panels
We install both close boarded (feather-edge) and larch-lap panels using either timber or concrete posts with or without gravel-boards. All our panels are of a high quality and treated for additional longevity.

Timber Fencing
Our timber fencing is erected on site using close-boarded pales and timber posts and rails. It can be double-sided so that both sides of the fence look equally attractive.

Decorative Panels
We can supply and install a huge range of different fence panels to suit your requirements.

Lattice Top Fencing

Trellis and Screening
We can supply and install a large range of trellis panels to suit your requirements.

Concrete Posts
Concrete posts can be used for additional longevity so that panels can be easily replaced at the end of their life without the need to replace posts. They also protect the panels from moisture absorbed by timber posts and transferred to the panels.

Post and Rail Fencing
Post and rail fencing is a very cost-effective way to demark a boundary and to contain livestock or pets. Stock proof fencing can also be attached to it to provide additional security.

Post and Wire Stock fencing

Knee Rail Fencing
Knee rail or Birds-tooth fencing is a useful method of protecting areas from damage by channelling people around a vulnerable area. We use it in schools around areas of grass or planting which would otherwise be trampled.

Post and Wire/Stock Fencing
A cheap way to contain animals and pets.

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