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Tree Planting Services


The correct planting of a tree or hedge is essential if it is to establish itself correctly and we offer a professional planting service to ensure your tree or hedge gets the best possible start.

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Service Options

Customer requirements vary but generally smaller trees are secured using stakes and tree ties whilst larger specimens are secured with overhead or underground Platipus anchorage systems. Small hedging whips are ‘heeled’ in to the ground, often with rabbit guards attached, whilst larger hedging plants are planted in the same way as small trees.

We can provide

  • Advice on varieties of tree or hedge to choose taking in to account soil conditions, aspect, size, screening etc
  • Agreeing and marking out of planting positions
  • Protecting the adjacent ground from potential damage from the planting process
  • Excavation of planting pits
  • Placement of the trees in to the planting pits
  • Staking/anchoring

Additional Services

  • Installation of a perforated pipe wrapped around the root-ball for watering purposes
  • Backfilling the hole with a suitable topsoil, compost, and slow release fertilizer
  • Watering in
  • Removal of excess soil from the site
  • After care service

We Recommend

Whenever possible we recommend that planting of trees and hedges is undertaken during the period from November through to March when any need for regular watering is greatly reduced and stock can often be supplied in bare-root form reducing the cost significantly.

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