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Tree Surgery encompasses a wide variety of tasks ranging from those related to ensuring the general safety of trees to those aimed at enabling trees to thrive. At Fairways we have established a great deal of experience in both areas.

Our customers vary from those requiring our services on a regular basis to those for whom tree surgery is a rare requirement; however we ensure that both receive the same high quality of service and care.

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We provide a wide variety of arboricultural services including:

Crown Reduction

Reducing the size of a tree decreases the chances of it falling in adverse weather as its “sail” is made smaller offering less resistance in windy and inclement weather. If a tree is damaged or decaying, a reduction of the crown will also make it more stable.
Trees are often reduced to allow more light to an area, create space, or to prevent contact with buildings.



Pollarding is the process whereby the entire crown of a tree is removed and is usually a process performed periodically where it is not acceptable for trees to be large. Depending on the species and hence the rate of re-growth, the tree should be re-pollard approximately every 5 years.

Cleaning, Lifting & Thinning

Crown-cleaning/dead-wooding – Removal of damaged and dead wood within the canopy of the tree.
Crown raising/lifting – Lifting the height at which the branches of the tree are allowed to grow so as not to cause an obstruction.
Thinning – To remove some branches within the canopy of the tree to permit more light ingress and reduce resistance during inclement weather.

Other Services

Dismantling – Cutting down the tree in sections rather than felling in one movement.
Hedge-cutting and reductions – All hedge-cutting and hedge reduction work is undertaken.
Stump grinding and root removal – We can grind out tree stumps, remove roots, and re-turf removing all evidence.
Logs Supplied - We deliver seasoned logs, cut & split to required size.
Surveys – We undertake tree surveys.
(See Tree Survey)

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