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The potential risk posed by trees situated on your land is ultimately your responsibility and you have a duty of care to persons and their property resulting from any such risk. Tree owners have a legal duty to maintain their trees in such a state that they do not create an unreasonable risk. It is therefore important to assess the condition of your trees on a regular basis to ensure that any foreseeable accidents are avoided.

Fairways can provide a professional in-depth assessment of the condition of your trees by a qualified arboriculturalist and advise you on ways to minimise risk. By assessing your trees, we can identify any possible problems and compile our findings and recommendations into a detailed report.

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Tree Surveys

In the first instance all trees are tagged and identified on both a location plan and a written report which identifies the species and makes any recommendations as to works required. Our recommendations will be categorised between high priority works and general good management works. High priority works include health and safety issues and potential damage to property which should be addressed as a priority and general good management works include works to benefit the health, longevity or appearance of the tree. A no obligation quotation for all recommended works will also be included with the survey.

Planning Tree Reports.

Planning authorities must consider the protection of trees within any planning application, so any potential development must satisfy the requirements of BS5837:2012 if it is to stand a chance of approval.

The purpose of BS5837:2012 is to determine the potential impact of the proposed development on important trees in the area and our arboriculturalist can provide professional guidance and advice in this regard.

Mortgage Tree Reports.

Tree reports are often requested by banks and other mortgage providers before they will approve a mortgage. This is usually because there are trees growing close enough to a building that there is the possibility of structural damage occurring either directly through contact with the building by roots or falling debris, or indirectly through soil shrinkage leading to subsidence often caused by conifers and willows.

Tree Preservation Orders

Some trees are legally protected in the interests of visual amenity because they are located within a designated Conservation Area or are subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). Works to any such trees may require written consent from the Local Planning Authority unless a suitable exemption can be demonstrated.  The application must be submitted in a specific way and may need to be supported in writing by a tree professional or other industry expert dependent on the reasons that works are proposed. At Fairways we can help you determine if a tree is subject to a TPO or falls within a Conservation Area and if so we can submit an application on your behalf together with all of the necessary information that the Planning Authority will require to enable them to consider the application.

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