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Jet Washing - 100% CHEMICAL FREE Driveway Cleaning And Paving Cleaning


It is the job of the Fairways jet washing team to remove the unwanted dirt and other such materials from driveways, paths and other hard surfaces, efficiently and with minimum risk.  We do this with our 100% chemical free process using high pressured steam and cold water.

Whether you are looking to deep clean an outdoor area, remove unwanted chewing gum or have been a victim of vandalism such as graffiti we cater for all commercial and residential enquiries.

Get in touch for a free quote - 01564 779319 | enquiries@fairwayslimited.co.uk

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum can be trodden into pathways, playgrounds and patios, ruining the appearance and aesthetic look of the area and potentially damaging the image you want to portray. Fairways can provide a chewing gum removal service with guaranteed results. We will blast away the sticky mess leaving your environment as good as new again!


Graffiti negatively affects the surrounding environment and can create a poor impression to third parties. Fairways will remove unsightly graffiti with powerful jet washing and restore your environment to its original condition!


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