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Synthetic Surface Maintenance

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Synthetic Sports Surface Maintenance


Regular maintenance of your synthetic sports surface is essential if it is to perform to its maximum potential throughout its expected life span. Poor maintenance reduces the lifespan of any synthetic sports surface more than any other factor and the cost of maintenance is far less than the cost or premature replacement so CUTTING BACK ON MAINTENANCE IS A FALSE ECONOMY. A good maintenance regime can provide maximum performance and foreseeable problems like moss and algae build up can be avoided.

FAIRWAYS OFFER A FULL MAINTENANCE PACKAGE THAT IS TAILOR MADE TO YOUR REQUIREMENTS and is based on the manufacturers recommendation's to achieve maximum performance and longevity of your sports facility.

The following services are all available from Fairways:

Drag Brushing

Brushing is one of the single most important tasks to be carried out on synthetic turf. While most synthetic surfaces are sold and installed as ‘maintenance free’ this is certainly not the case and without effective regular brushing the fibre will fall flat. This allows footfall to wear the side of the fibre and subsequently break off, drastically reducing the life of the surface. Brushing the surface will ensure the fibre stands vertically wearing from the top down at approximately 1mm per year. The brushing process will also move the infill material into situ to support the fibre. This process will also keep the infill fluid and dynamic which disturbs any ingress of weeds or moss while reducing the likelihood of the compaction while maintaining consistent playing characteristics. Brushing also preens the surface, whilst trapping larger items of dirt and debris in the fibres ensuring the surface always looks its best. Our range of Redexim brushes can be pulled by prime movers, from tractors, buggies and ATVs to the hand pulled Verti-Broom 100.

Power Sweeping

Our PTO driven Redexim Verti-Clean collects surface debris and detritus at high speed. The land driven rotary brush flicks unwanted material from the surface of the carpet onto a sieve. Should any infill be collected at this point, it is separated and allowed to return to the surface while the unwanted material remains on the sieve for removal from the surface.


Our Speed-Brush is a towable land driven, twin rotary brush. The brushes rotate against the direction of travel lifting synthetic turf fibres and de-compacting infill. The rear brush levels and preens the surface leaving an aesthetically pleasing finish. The pressure each brush applies to the surface can be adjusted along with the angle of the brush to aid the lateral movement of infill. Available with either a stiff brush for maintenance or a soft brush for installatio, this flexible tool has proved itself time and time again.


Renovation, Deep Cleaning and Infill Removal

Our Redexim Extreme Clean machine renovates filled carpets utilising horizontally rotating scrubbing brushes to breathe new life into compacted or previously neglected areas. The stiff bristles loosen infill and lift flattened fibres. The Extreme Clean is adjusted on four threaded spindles, this allows the working depth to be accurately adjusted and the pressure applied to the brush heads to be monitored.
Every few years the infill within the carpet will need to be replaced and to do this we use a Redexim Eliminator to shift the infill from the carpet in to a dumper. Utilising a rotary paddle brush system the machine sweeps into the surface, removes the infill and throws it forward onto a primary conveyor. The material is then transferred to a secondary conveyor where it is lifted upwards to be off loaded into a dumper. The working depth can be adjusted to compensate for the job in hand, whether it is partial removal for rejuvenation or total extraction for end of life processes.

Infill Top Up or Replacement

To replace the infill with new material we use a land driven top dresser towed by a compact tractor to spread the material evenly across the area and we then resort back to drag brushing to push the infill back in to the pile of the carpet.

Moss and Algae Control

Regular chemical spraying can be undertaken by our qualified staff to prevent or treat the build up of moss which often forms around the perimeter of the court where brushing cannot reach. We also undertake periodic sanitising treatments to treat the build up of bacteria within the carpet in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

Surface Repairs

We can repair damage to the playing surface resulting from wear and tear or vandalism.

Line Marking

We can mark our lines on your synthetic surface if they are not already sown in to the carpet using a synthetic grass paint.

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