Line Marking

Professional Line Marking

Line Marking

Whether a car park, lane divider or a no-stopping zone, line markings play a vital role in the functionality of a premises’ hard landscaping and the safety of its visitors. 

Lines must be straight, clear and in the correct location. Our Marking Team guarantees accuracy and visibility.

Marking Options:

  • Laser paint spraying
  • Aerosol spray markings
  • Oil based markings
  • Thermoplastic markings
  • Road & car park markings 
  • Sports hall markings

Sports Pitch Marking

Sports pitch marking refers to the lines, markings, and symbols that are drawn or painted onto a sports field or court. These markings serve as important indicators for players, referees, and spectators alike.

Here at Fairways our specialist line marking team has extensive experience in providing sports pitch marking for all sports, from Rugby and Football to Tennis and Athletics, ensuring precise and clear markings to ensure your sports surface is at it’s best.

Robotic Pitch Marking

In Spring 2023 we partnered with Turf Tank – the global leader in robotic line marking.  Utilising GPS intelligence of your sites’ pitches, customers enjoy elite-sport level markings for both initial markings and over-markings.  All sports and age-related pitch sizes are available as well as custom designs upon request.

turf tank

Commercial Property Marking

Commercial property marking is a vital aspect of ensuring the smooth and safe operation of sites such as car parks. It involves the use of various markings, such as lines, symbols, and signs, to separate different areas and guide individuals on where they can park their vehicles.

Not only does this help with efficient traffic flow, but it also promotes safety for both drivers and pedestrians.

In this modern age where parking spaces are scarce and accidents are prevalent, proper commercial property marking has become a necessary solution for managing these spaces effectively.

Top down of car park at outdoor

Why Choose Fairways?


Clear and visible line markings contribute to safety by guiding traffic and defining boundaries.


We use high-quality materials that resist wear and tear, ensuring our markings last longer.


Our skilled team uses advanced equipment to deliver accurate and precise line markings.


Our line markings comply with regulatory standards, helping you meet your legal obligations.

At Fairways, we are dedicated to providing high-quality line marking services that meet your specific needs and regulatory requirements. We take pride in our precision, attention to detail, and commitment to safety, making us the perfect partner for all your line marking needs.

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