Natural Sports Surfaces

Installation & Maintenance Of Natural Sports Surfaces

Natural Sports Surfaces

Fairways has extensive experience in the implementation and maintenance of fine sports turf such as cricket pitches, bowling greens and golf courses as well as high standard football, rugby and polo pitches.

Installation Services

  • Site clearance & earth moving
  • Ground re-grading & laser levelling
  • Stone removal
  • Turf laying
  • Electricity and water access
  • Drainage systems including soak-away and balancing ponds
  • Flood-lighting systems
  • Fencing and gates installations

Maintenance Services

  • Grass maintenance including mowing, weed control, mole ploughing & scarification
  • Regular surface repairs & renovations
  • Initial marking and over-marking
  • Post replacement

Why Choose Fairways?

Expert Support

Our team has extensive experience in managing a variety of sports surfaces.

Comprehensive Service

We offer a range of services for artificial sports surfaces, making us the ideal solution for all your sports surface needs.

Enhanced Performance

Well-maintained sports surfaces improve player performance and reduce injury risk.


Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of your sports surfaces, saving you replacement costs.

At Fairways, we are dedicated to delivering services that go beyond your expectations. Our focus on quality and customer satisfaction guarantees that your sports surfaces are consistently maintained to enhance the overall sporting experience.

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Pitch Marking

turf tank

In Spring 2023 we partnered with Turf Tank – the global leader in robotic line marking.  Utilising GPS intelligence of your sites’ pitches, customers enjoy elite-sport level markings for both initial markings and over-markings.  All sports and age-related pitch sizes are available as well as custom designs upon request.