Expert Arboriculture Services


Our Arboriculture Team includes three arborist climbers qualified in aerial rescue and all members have the knowledge, ability, training and experience to undertake their duties in a safe and professional manner.

All projects are reviewed and risk assessed prior to their start date, with the resulting control measures and method statement actioned upon to minimise the risk to individuals and properties – ensuring a safe and timely completion.

All Arboriculture services are carried out under the guidelines of BS 3998-2020 Tree Works.

Surveys & Consultancy

We provide tree inspections, surveying and consultancy across public and private sector customers to ensure owners fulfill their legal duty of care and keep detailed records to facilitate forward planning and best-in-industry data collection.

Our Arboriculture Team can carry out the following:

  • Tree Safety Surveys including Individual and BS 5837 Assessments

  • Preparation of Mortgage (Homebuyer) Reports

  • Planning Tree Reports

  • Root Damage Investigation

  • TPO Advice and Representation

  • Veteran Tree Management

Why Choose Fairways?

Comprehensive Service

We offer a variety of arboriculture services, making us the go-to choice for all your tree-related needs.

Expert Care

Our certified arborists have the expertise and capabilities to effectively handle all tree care tasks.

Preventive Measures

Regular tree inspections and surveys can help identify potential problems early on, preventing damage and costly repairs.


Proper tree management is crucial for safety, as it involves the removal of unhealthy or dangerous trees and branches.

At Fairways, we understand that every tree is unique and requires specific attention. Our arboriculture services are tailored to meet the individual needs of your trees, promoting their health and longevity while enhancing the appearance of your outdoor spaces. Trust us to provide you with the best arboriculture services for a greener, healthier landscape.

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